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Wadi Rum

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Wadi Rum is a naturally occurring work of art created by the Rift Valley. Once submerged in the waters of the Red Sea, the desert of Wadi Rum, located in the south, is now one of the most beautiful parts of Jordan. This nature-lover's paradise is only an hour's drive from Petra or Aqaba, or a three and a half hour's drive from Amman. The entrance to the desert is 35 km. to the East of the Desert Highway. Under the second highest point in Jordan, the top of Rum mountain, is the village of Rum, complete with a rest house, shops, restaurants, and local bedouin handicrafts, will soon have an Internet connection as well! You can get to the village by taking the public bus from Aqaba, if you take it from Amman you'll have to get off at the Rum intersection and then hitchhike (people are normally very friendly, but take precautions if you are a female traveling alone, it may be better to tag along with other tourists), or take a taxi for around 7 J.D. Taxis are also available from Petra (20 J.D.) or from Aqaba. You can easily arranged getting there with any tour agencie. If you choose to rent your own car (the most hassle-free way to enter Rum, click to see a list of rent-a-car agencies), consider renting a 4 x 4 if you are an advent urous-type, and enjoy driving in the sandy, rocky desert. In this case a G.P.S. (Global Positioning System) is recommended because it is easy to get lost in the desert, and please remember to stay on the tracks and help preserve nature! If the car is not a 4 x 4, or if you don't bring a car, you will have to leave the village in one of the cars driven by a local Bedouin. Any Bedouin is more than happy to show you the beauty of his birthplace, and is sure to help you get in touch with nature as well as share the Bedouin traditions of hospitality and simplicity.

If this is your first trip to Rum, it is recommended to hire a Bedouin guide, as they will provide you with a full-day tour, traditional tent accommodations, evening entertainment (Ouood-playing or singing around a campfire), a traditional meal cooked before your eyes, and a small breakfast for around 20JD per person. If you are a vegetarian or have diet restrictions, make sure to tell your guide well in advance (while negotiating the price). If you want to drink alcohol on your trip, you need to bring your own (alcohol is cheapest if purchased in Aqaba). Some phone numbers of Bedouin guides: 079 5319996, 077 7540229, 079 5675327, 077 7309239, call in advance as they might pick you up from the Rum intersection if needed.

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A new visitor center was recently built 7 km. away from the village and is now functioning. The center charges 1 J.D. for Jordanians and 2 J.D. for foreigners, 5 J.D. per car entrance fee. You can choose a tour in the visitor center; options vary from short to long hikes, rock climbing, camel tours, vehicle tours or a combination thereof. Tours can be from 2 hours long to as many days as desired (We recommend at least a one-night stay, the stars are absolutely indescribable). Prices range from 2 J.D. for a half an hour camel tour to 40 J.D. for a full day camel tour. Vehicle tours start from 7 J.D. for a half an hour tour to 45 J.D. for a full day tour. Inside the desert you will have the chance to see the most beautiful landscapes in Jordan, mountains popping out of the sandy ground, and a sky with millions of stars. You can hike, go on a 4 x 4 adventure, or enjoy the heavenly world of rock climbing.

You can also enjoy the activities provided by the Royal Aero sports club of Jordan, fly in a hot air balloon, sky dive or have a tour above the spectacular mountains, click for more information.

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Wadi Rum is a favorite place in Jordan for many tourists and Jordanians alike: we at go2petra.com highly recommend that you visit and camp there.
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