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Field Guide to Jordan
Down from KhubthaA. Maani

Khubtha mountain:


There are several ways to climb this mountain, the main one is a wide stairway that starts around the corner after the royal tombs and just before Sextius Florentinus tomb, the view from the top of this mountain is beautiful, you can see the center of Petra, with Um al Biara opposite to you, a nice place for watching the sunset, you can see some carved rooms, a religious place for sacrificing and some inscriptions on the top and on the way, you can also see from the south west side a nice view of the treasury from top, on the east side of this mountain and accessed from that side, is the Crusader's fortress.

Treasury from KhubthaA. Maani
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in the MuthlimA. Maani


Siq al Muthlim:


This canyon goes through Khubtha mountain, starts from the beginning of the Siq, and leads to Wadi Mataha, north east of the center of Petra, not far from Sextius Florentinus tomb, it is a nice way to enter or exit from Petra, it starts with the tunnel dug by the Nabataeans that allows the water of Wadi Musa to enter Petra without getting into the Siq, so it is the main path for rain water, rain in the south desert of Jordan can fall suddenly and in big amounts in the rainy season, it causes floods that are really dangerous, and this canyon is the last place you want to be if that happens, please make sure not any kind of rain is expected before you get into this siq. All through the Muthlim Siq you can see beautiful rock formations carved by water, and almost at the end of it there are some sculptures carved by Nabataeans representing gods, it gets its name al Muthlim "the dark" from the fact that it gets dark fast there.

in the MuthlemA. Maani
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