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Field Guide to Jordan

Petra by night


Every Monday, Wednesdy and Thursday, the group enters Petra at 10:30 p.m., walks through the candle lit Siq and reaches to the Treasury where Bedouin music is played and a cup of tea is ready to worm you up... A lecture about Petra and the Nabataeans, and then back out again through the Siq, this time it is allowed to take pictures... It is a nice experience, and it only costs 12 J.D., you have to book your tickets in advance, the organizers cancel the trip if no one makes reservations... To know more you can call La beduina tours at 03 2157099, or Petra moon tours at 03 2156665 or Zaman tours at 03 2157722, or contact your travel agent.

* Please note that if you are enjoying the sunset at the Monastry on a Monday, Wednesdy or a Thursday, you might be faced on your way out of Petra through the Siq, with the visitors going in for the Petra at night event, expect that the guide of the group will shout at you and try to force you to pay the 12 J.D.! Do not pay!

  Treasury at night
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