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go2petra.com is a part of a project that aims to promote and protect Petra and other archaeological sites in Jordan. Along with providing information needed to help you enjoy your visit, we are working on improving the quality of services you get as a tourist, as well as raising awareness of the importance of responsible tourism.
go2petra.com team:

Anees Maani, a Jordanian sculptor, the interest in the history of ancient art and religion has lead him to explore the Nabataean civilization and got him in touch with the nature and the locals of the area.

contact him at anees@go2petra.com


Karma Hijawi, a lover of nature and adventure. While travelling around Jordan she discovered that it has not only a spectacular nature but also a very ancient history that needs to be learned and discovered. She is also documenting Jordan's nature from her perspective through photography.

contact her at karma@go2petra.com


Mahmoud Hussein (Habu), is one of the Bdouls who had the whole city of Petra as his childhood playground! He has alot of knowledge about Petra, the Bedouins, and details of tourism related issues. He has some great pictures displayed in go2petra's photo gallery.

contact him at habu@go2petra.com

We work hand in hand with a group of experts: local Bedouins from Petra and other areas, archaeologists, tour guides, restaurant and hotel owners, artists and travellers.
We thank all who have helped go2petra.com before and after the launch:
thanks to

H.R.H. Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, Alaa Diab, Ammar Fakhouri, Alia Toukan, Andrei Krill, Chris Janes, Diala Khasawneh, Hanan Khalil, Hanan Toukan, Jarir Maani www.maani.us, Jennifer Janes, JO magazine (article in November 2004 issue), Juman Nimri, Karma Hijawi, Mahmoud Hussein (Habu), Midyan Jazira, Mohammed Maani, Mustafa Abu Thinein, Nafila Maani, Ola Khalidi - Makan, Oraib Toukan, Samer Haidar, Samira Joukhadar, Sari and Sinan Maani www.maani.ca, Sherif El Sayad, Waleed Hubraq, Yanal Qassay.

special thanks to all friends in Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba and Sinai.

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